Our Mission is Global Control.

Plans are easy. World Domination is hard. At EvilPlan we know if you want to win, you must shoot the moon. That is why we are laser focused on our core mission: Global Control.


Leverage large & complex plans with unnecessary steps to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews and successful outcomes.


Iterative approaches to strategy foster fanatical loyalty and financial gains which further the overall value proposition — total World Domination.


Organically grow the hostile world view of disruptive innovation via ideological conformity to empower our vision.


Bring to the table comprehensive win-win strategies to ensure proactive and complete domination of the entire globe.

Why work with us?

We are entirely focused on World Domination. We also like pizza a lot. If this appeals to you, we should meet.







Our pricing plans

World Domination isn't cheap. Help us reach our stretch goal of blowing up the moon.

Targeted Plot
$ 15/m
  • 5 Person remote team

  • 5 Cool catchphrases

  • 1 Commemorative plate

  • 1 Somewhat explosive device

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Small Insurgency
$250 k
  • 12 Person squad

  • 6 Attack badgers

  • 200 Danke memes

  • 1 Akula-class nuclear submarine

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Worldwide Campaign
  • 500 Person force

  • Several laser sharks

  • Access to our secret island base

  • 2 Orbital satellite cannons

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Our team members

Great teams aren't born. They're grown in a lab. Our Cas9 cloning facilities are unrivaled.

team member
Dr. Nope
Command & Control
team member
Sus Picklebottom
Operations & Stealth
team member
Lead Scientist & Head of HR
team member
Block Chainsaw
Engineering & Logistics

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